How to find a job in Canada?


Canada is very short of people. There are hundreds of thousands of job vacancies, and there are thousands of people who want to work in Canada. Therefore, it is recommended that people who are eager to go to Canada do not need to blindly believe some propaganda, and do not need to worry about being … Read more

Canadian job opportunities


Employment profile of international students in Canada Compared with other countries, Canada has relatively loose regulations on the employment of international students, because Canada itself is a country that welcomes immigrants, and young students who have completed higher education are really a source of vitality for this sparsely populated country. , so you can enjoy … Read more

Tips for successful job hunting in Canada


To Apply on Monday, interview in the morning Finding a job is a headache. Some people say that finding a job is the hardest job in itself. Especially in Canada, there are many skilled investment immigrants, hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Under such fierce market conditions, it is really not so easy to find a … Read more

Is it easy to find a job when immigrating to Canada?


The most complete guide to finding a job in Canada! Is it easy to find a job when immigrating to Canada? The most complete guide to finding a job in Canada in 2022! There are two main routes to finding a job in Canada. One way is to obtain a permanent residence visa. Another way … Read more

Work in Canada


Provide services for various immigration programs ranging from labor to highly skilled professionals. We will help you identify and search for positions that meet the immigration project according to the requirements of specific types of work, and prepare resumes according to the needs of different employers and immigration occupations. Secondly, we also provide professional services … Read more

How to apply for a work permit to Canada?


According to Canada’s “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act”, non-Canadians can engage in a specific job within a certain period of time under the condition of holding a work permit. But the basic principle is that job vacancies in Canada should be filled by Canadians as much as possible, and foreigners should only be considered when … Read more

How foreigners work in Canada: Introduction to Canadian work visas

Canada’s immigration policy is strict, and it is not easy for a foreigner to work in Canada, because Canadian laws have strict restrictions on this. Generally speaking, foreign nationals intending to work in Canada must hold a work permit issued by the Canadian government. A work permit allows foreign citizens to work in Canada for … Read more