Work in Canada

Provide services for various immigration programs ranging from labor to highly skilled professionals. We will help you identify and search for positions that meet the immigration project according to the requirements of specific types of work, and prepare resumes according to the needs of different employers and immigration occupations. Secondly, we also provide professional services to obtain legal work in Canada, including obtaining employment opportunities from qualified employers. Applying for a work visa is one of the fastest ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada; or help you find a suitable project to become To obtain a work visa from an employer; or to help you set up a project plan in Canada for a subsidiary company in your original country, so as to obtain Canadian permanent residence.

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Permits, work permits vary according to each individual’s circumstances and the regulations in the Immigration and Refugee Act/Regulations cited;
  • An open work permit, which allows you to recruit to any employer and allows you to change employers;
  • Bridging an open work permit, allowing you to work while changing immigration status;
  • LMIA – work permit employer-led workflow for hiring foreign workers;
  • LMIA Exemption – Certain programs/pilots or regulations allow us to apply for a work permit without requiring an LMIA;
  • Postgraduate work permits, which allow certain graduates to obtain work permits before gaining experience;
  • International Experience Canada – some countries have reciprocity agreements allowing their citizens to work on working holidays, young professionals or internships;
  • An owner operator work permit, this applies to applicants who are buying an existing business or starting a new business;
  • An intra-company transferee transfers from your company to a Canadian branch;
  • Care Work Permits, Child Care Worker and Nanny Work Permits;
  • Seasonal Agricultural Work Permit, farm workers who are required seasonally;
  • Extended Work Permit Extended Work Permit;
  • frontline home care workers;
  • long-distance truck driver;
  • Job recruitment;