Studying in Canada has so many benefits! You don’t know yet?

In recent years, more and more students apply to study in Canada, not only because of its high-quality educational resources, but also many benefits for international students. What do you know? Let’s take a look below!

International Student ID

The Canadian International Student Certificate, abbreviated as ISIC, is recognized by UNESCO, issued by the International Student Union, and is a commonly used student ID card in the world. Full-time students who are over 12 years old can apply, valid for one year, and can enjoy discounts on air tickets and shopping in Canada.


Canadian universities will provide scholarships or bursaries to domestic students and international students, and students with excellent grades can receive government funding first.

Most universities offer some kind of financial aid for international students. Generally, Canadian scholarships are issued once a year. If the applicant performs very well in school, he or she can apply for an extension of the scholarship.

Normal master’s students can extend for one year, that is, one year of extension, they will receive scholarships for two consecutive years, while doctoral students can extend for one to three years.

If the student has average grades or does not want to continue studying after one year, then the subsequent scholarship may be cancelled.

Medical insurance

Canadian student medical insurance is provided by each province, so the medical policies of each province are different, but most of them are similar.

In medical insurance, some parts are free, such as vision testing, HPV vaccination for high school students, etc. There are also some parts that need to be paid, such as glasses and medical treatment.

The cost of international student medical insurance is much cheaper than that of tourist visa holders, and the coverage is very wide.

  • Tax refund
  • Tuition tax refund

Can part of the tuition fee we paid be refunded to us later? That’s what tax returns are for! After reporting the tuition fees that meet the requirements, you can claim tax credit at work, no matter how much you earn, it is the lowest tax credit rate (15%) in the country.

In other words, 15% of the tuition fees paid now can be returned to you in the form of tax rebates after you have Canadian income!