It is too difficult to find a job in Australia

Are you going to return to China or stay in Australia after graduation?

Many overseas Chinese students living in Australia will have the idea of ​​working in Australia. Working in Australia will encounter many problems, such as visa issues for working in Australia, the specific process of working in Australia, the salary of working in Australia, and the precautions for working in Australia. And is it easy to apply for a working visa in Australia, what kind of cigarettes migrant workers smoke in Australia, how to report illegal working in Australia, how much is the salary of a working nanny in Australia, which city in Australia is suitable for working, how to withdraw money in China when working in Australia, how many years of working in Australia, Australia How long does it take for a working holiday visa to come out? Let me introduce how difficult it is to find a job in Australia! Are you going to return to China or stay in Australia after graduation? Maybe it will help you to clear up your doubts.

The editor often hears many international students say, “It is really difficult to find a job in Australia! Without PR, I can’t find a suitable job! I’d better go back to China to find a job!” Finding a suitable job in Australia is really very difficult. is it hard? Let’s first listen to what these foreign students have to say.

It’s not difficult, don’t think it’s difficult, you must have confidence! Having PR is actually not the key condition for being admitted, but the confidence in your heart. Thinking about not looking for a formal job in vain without PR is a reason and an excuse; don’t think that good grades are of little use in Australia, Australia values ​​experience more.

But that is for those who already have local work experience. International students who have just graduated need a beautiful transcript to speak for themselves, especially if they want to enter a large corporate gp or a government agency or a high-paying position. Take accounting as an example. If you want to find a small firm or small company ap ar aa to do it, it’s not too difficult, and you don’t need D/HD, but the starting point is different, and your future career path and income are also very likely. It would be worlds apart.

The eight major nursing professions in Australia come to speak out, finding a job in Australia is very difficult! Too many people say that Australian nurses are easy to find a job. Let me talk about my experience.

Graduated from a university with the highest failure rate among the top eight universities in Australia. After three years of steady study, I didn’t have a PR in the third year and couldn’t participate in the computer match for locals. I said I had to wait for their first round to see if there were any vacancies. International students will be considered. Tears run~~

The results of the first round came out. I called and sent emails to various hospitals to inquire, but they were all fully recruited and there were no vacancies. International students hope that private hospitals are the ones that hope the most. But now the number of local nurse students finding internships is not as good as every year. There are hundreds of applicants for a vacancy. Locals must be given priority and international students will be considered last.

From the standpoint of a business student in 2018, it is still relatively difficult.

Why do you say that? The number of people studying business is relatively large, because differences in majors will also make it difficult to find a job. In addition, immigration is much more difficult this year than last year.

After observing the people around me, I found that in the first year of graduation, many international students have not yet obtained a green card, and the jobs they find are mainly intermediary jobs, including real estate agency, mortgage agency and immigration agency. After getting the green card, some people will go to a larger local company.

Therefore, I feel that before you get a green card, you should not set your job hunting goals too high. This will hurt your self-confidence and it is meaningless. It’s better to follow the steps and try hard to get a green card!

Is it difficult for international students in Australia to stay and find a job locally? not difficult!

Just like you are looking for a job after graduating in China, there are jobs. The waiter in the coffee shop is also a job, the front desk is also a job, and the salesperson is also a job. So it’s not hard to find a job. But finding a satisfactory job is not that simple. Think about how much time it will take to find a job with satisfactory salary and job after graduates from China?

In the same way, if you want to find a job you like in Australia, you have to be prepared for a protracted battle. If you don’t have the patience, it will definitely be difficult to find a job.

Besides, the job prospects in Australia itself are not bad, and there must be vacancies in the labor force, otherwise there would be no channels for skilled immigration to recruit overseas technical personnel. The key is to look at your own ability. Some time ago, there was a classmate who found a job before the graduation ceremony. I looked at her report card. Except for one C and two Ds, the rest are HD, and she is an IT girl.

After reading what the foreign students said above, are you a little worried about graduating? Then Lisichen Study Abroad editor would like to give you some suggestions to help you find your first job smoothly.

Right attitude

Many people do come to Australia to study because of the advice of their family or friends, but when your study/life is not satisfactory, you can’t blame others for the reason, but say that you can do better. Only you can be responsible for your own life. Compared with many friends in your country, your experience in another country is already very valuable and unique. The sooner you decide to take action and get out of your comfort zone, the more opportunities you will encounter.

Get involved in the community by volunteering

Australia is a diverse country and there are always activities going on. Do an online search, or look for clubs and organizations at your school, or look out for advertisements for volunteer activities at your school. Never underestimate the value of volunteer activities, they may make you stand out from dozens of resumes. Volunteering shows your enthusiasm and motivation, and it will add to your future career.

Take advantage of resources and training

Almost all universities will have activities or training to help students find jobs. The main content is to understand what the company wants to know when applying for a job, and how to meet the company’s expectations. During the training, you can learn how to handle resumes, cover letters, interviews, and human resources. All these opportunities are also open to you, if you seize them.

Choose the right social activity

With your resume and cover letter ready, the next step is to participate in some networking events and sell yourself. The advice is, make sure the company you want to go to also participates in the event, not just students. As a student studying abroad, I know how difficult it is to talk to strangers, and it is even more difficult to express nervousness. So beforehand, you must practice more in front of the mirror or with friends, be confident, be confident! looking for an internship

Internships are the final step in landing your first regular job. With an Australian student visa, you have to work 40 hours every 2 weeks. Instead of wasting time washing dishes at restaurants for pocket money, find a job that is more relevant to your future job. Finally, if you have an idea, never let your thinking limit your action~