750 Prize Bond List 2024 – Check Draw Results Here

National Savings Division’s Rawalpindi office holds Prize Bond Rs 750 draw No. 95 today on June 05, 2024 (Tuesday). The eagerly anticipated 750 Prize Bond List 2024 will be published soon, allowing bondholders to check if they have won any prizes in the upcoming draws.

Rs.750 Prize Bond Winners 2024

Prize Bond 750 Result List 2024

A prize bond is a unique lottery bond that offers a remarkable chance for individuals with modest incomes to potentially amass wealth overnight, swiftly building a robust financial portfolio. Each year, numerous fortunate individuals achieve this feat by emerging victorious in the lucky draws. These prize bonds come in various face values, making them accessible to the general public. Among them, the 750 prize bond is one of the most affordable options available. While the prize amount for the 750 prize bond exceeds Rs 100 and Rs 200, a common feature across all these bonds is that the prize money is distributed among three winners, namely the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position holders.

Prize Bond 750 Result 2024

The prize bond lucky draw follows a well-structured schedule, and you can conveniently access the Rs 750 prize bond draw list 2024 on our website. The primary aim of this draw is to announce the fortunate winners who will receive substantial cash prizes. You can easily find the Rs 750 prize bond draw list on priceyar.com. Furthermore, if you’re unfamiliar with the lucky draw timetable, you can find it here as well. It’s important to note that the draw occurs four times a year for the 750 prize bond. So, if you possess a Rs 750 prize bond, you have four opportunities each year to potentially transform your financial status overnight. The first prize for the 750 prize bond is a handsome sum of 1,500,000, the second prize is 500,000, and the third prize stands at 9,300. We extend our best wishes to all those who hold the Rs 750 prize bond, hoping for their good fortune.

Check Online Rs 750 Prize Bond Result 2024

The concept of a prize bond scheme was first introduced in Pakistan back in 1960. Its primary objective was to offer an avenue for the general public to potentially amass wealth quickly. These prize bonds are issued on behalf of the Finance Ministry of Pakistan, while the National Savings organization takes responsibility for conducting the lucky draws and distributing the bonds to those who request them. This entire process is overseen by the State Bank of Pakistan and the Central Directorate of National Savings.


People from all walks of life purchase prize bonds of various denominations, including the 750-rupee bond, and eagerly await the draw results. If you happen to possess a 750-rupee prize bond and are seeking the draw results, you’ve come to the right place. Our website provides an easy and convenient way to check the results of all Rs 750 prize bond draws.